Global Partners

JLM Innovation GmbH is a researched based company cooperating with excellent partners from around the world. Getting input from exchanging researches within the scope of prestigious research projects keeps our expertise evolving.

Exchanging ideas with other passionate researches from around the world has been a focous of JLM Innnovation from the beginning. Over the time we have been part of many exciting projects in the field of chemical Sensing and Electronic noses. Our expertise combined with specialists from medical and biochemical fields have yielded iportant results for the advancement of medical research.

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Curent Cooperations

JLM Innovation has joined the preferred partners program with Renesas to support the implementation of Renesas sensing technology

JLM Innovation is part of several research projects.

  • VOGAS: An EU Project on Gastric Cancer Screening via Breath Sampling
    The VOGAS projects aims at developing a non-invasive gastric cancer screening tool by detecting characteristic panels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Clinical studies are conducted in Europe and South America with partners from 8 countries.
  • SENSOFT: smart sensing for rapid response to chemical threats on soft targets
    An international and inter-sectoral network consisting of 4 leading European academic institutions, an academic RTD centre and 4 SMEs working on a joint research programme around the topic of early and reliable warming detection systems of chemical threats on critical indoor infrastructures
  • 3D-PAKtex: Development of protective clothing for firefighters with integrated sensors
    A german colaborative project funded by the BMBF

Past research project include

  • LCAOS A Nanoscale Artificial Nose to Detect Lung Cancer 
    an EU fundeod collaboration of research teams from 7 countries, whose aim is to enable the earliest possible detection of lung cancer by developing a point of care detection instrument.
  • SniffPhone
    a new project to develop a smart phone application for disease detection from exhaled breath. It is funded within the EU's HOrizon 2020 programme. Here we are cooperating with 8 university and industry partners 7 countries.
  • Volgacore
    a european project organnized within the EuroNanoMed2 programme. For the Volgacore project JLM Innovation cooperates with the German Center for Cancer Research and partners from Sweden, Israel and Latvia to develop a point of care diagnostic instrument for gastric cancer from exhaled breath.
  • Tropsense
    Concentrating on tropical diseases TropSense is a programme that aims to bring scientist from different field together to find way to better identify tropical diseases like Hydatidosis, Leishmaniasis and Dengue.