Chemical Sensor Expertise

We have a broad experience in gas sensors in a wide range of applications. JLM Innovation has built up a set of facilities, intellectual property and products that help us to deliver outstanding and cost effiicient solutions in the area of chemical sensing.

QMB and SAW Gas Sensors

QMB and SAW gas sensors are mass sensitive devices that measure the change of mass of a sensitive layer, that occures when analyte molecules are absorbed in the sensitive layer. A broad range of materials may be used as sensitive layers.
This type of sensor is often used in research and development as a tool to identify the sensing properties of new materials.

Metal oxide gas sensors

Metal oxide gas sensors or semiconductor gas sensors consist of a heated semiconducting material. When a gas interacts with this material the resitance of the material changes.
Commercial metal oxide gas sensors are available from various companies at low cost. They are often used in gas warners and air quality measurements.

Electrochemical cells

Electrochemical cells are gas sensors that are often used to measure toxic gases. A small housing containes an electrolyte and electrodes to measure a current that will be generated as analyte molecule dissolve in the electrolyte.

Electrochemical cells are typically operated at ambient temperature and require very little power. This makes this kind of gas sensor ideal for battery operated equipment.

Capacitive sensors

When polar analyte molecules are absorbed in a sensitive layer, the dielectric constant of the material changes.
This change can be measured as a change of cpacitance, if the material is placed on a suitable electrode structure.

Other sensing technologies

Many other sensing technologies are available and may be integrated with our products. Please contact JLM Innovation with your specific requirements.