Plug and play micro USB interface for metal oxide sensors.

The miniMOX is a miniature electronics platform that allows for the integration of a range of metal-oxide gas sensors of your choice. It provides a simple micro-USB interface with all mounted sensors, and the integrated heater can apply user-defined temperature cycles.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple plug-and-play micro-USB interface;
  • No additional power supply required;
  • Up to 7 different customizable sensors;
  • Optional protective case;


  • Air quality measurements;
  • Medical purposes;
  • Laboratory instrumentation;


  • Fully integrated with JLMlog software for real-time graphical representation and data logging;
  • Compatible with MultiSens data analysis software, for in-depth signal analysis and characterization, including pattern recognition;
  • Can be connected to PCs, Android phones and Raspberry Pi;
  • Python drivers for custom software;