ACS Sensors special edition

VOGAS IR and chemical sensor instrument

Our joint work with the University of Ulm laying the foundation of the VOGAS instrument is recognized in the special edition of ACS Sensors celebrating the Editorial Advisory Board.

Congratulations to Johannes, Carsten and the rest of the team for their great work.

iHWG-MOX: A Hybrid Breath Analysis System via the Combination of Substrate-Integrated Hollow Waveguide Infrared Spectroscopy with Metal Oxide Gas Sensors
Johannes Glöckler, Carsten Jaeschke, Yusuf Kocaöz, Vjekoslav Kokoric, Erhan Tütüncü, Jan Mitrovics, and Boris Mizaikoff*
ACS Sens. 5, 4, 1033-1039  Publication Date (Web):March 19, 2020

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