SniffPhone will be a medical diagnosis platform that can be attached to a smart phone.

This project aims to achieve easy to use non-invasive wide spread health screening through testing of exhaled breath coupled with the development of an advanced smartphone solution.

The envisioned smart system (i.e., SNIFFPHONE) will be a low-cost, low-energy, ultra-miniature breath test tool that will be attached to a mobile phone, will be fully powered by the cell-phone battery, and will have multi-functional properties, including sensing, storing, processing, actuation and ultra-wideband communication.

The proposed system has several advantages over the existing technologies:

  1. monitoring health by breath analysis can be performed outside specialised settings without the need for any technical expertise;
  2. the SNIFFPHONE is simple and inexpensive enough to manufacture in large numbers;
  3. operation of the device will be simple, and the results would be swiftly and automatically interpreted by the integrated software; and
  4. the SNIFFPHONE platform can be used as a launch pad for further initiatives to achieve rapid monitoring for other diseases using breath samples.

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