breath analysis


Detecting gastric and colorectal cancer from exhaled breath.

The objectives of the project is the development and validation of a novel, non-invasive, easy to use and low-cost tool for screening, early detection of gastric and colorectal cancer and the related premalignant lesions in individualized patient care. The project consortium is bringing together the leading expert centres in the field of nanotechnologies in breath analysis to clinical, laboratory and epidemiology experts.

Volgacore receives funding through the Euronanomed II program.


This project aims at demonstrating the feasibility of a non-invasive, safe and patient-friendly methodology for on-site rapid diagnosis of tropical diseases. The proposed approach is based on breath samples analyses, which are easy to obtain and present no discomfort or risk for patients’ health. In this study will be enrolled patients with three different types of neglected tropical diseases (Hydatidosis, Leishmaniasis and Dengue) from different geographical locations (Europe, South America and Maghreb).


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