Design services

Electronics and CAD design, embedded devices, smart connected systems are common requirements for many applications. Our efficient design services will make your ideas become reality.

Electronics Design

Our focus in electronics design are smart systems combining micro controllers, sensors, analog and digital interfaces. We have a broad portfolio of building blocks including in system programmable flash micro controllers, Wifi, Bluetooth, LoraWAN, USB, RS485 and other digital interfaces, physical, optical, and chemical sensors, power supply solutions (USB powered, rechargeable batteries, energy harvesting), user interfaces (LCD, OLED and touch displays).

Systems engineering

Our in-house 3D Cad design complements and integrates with our EDA tools to deliver complete engineering solutions. This allows to either design the electronics to fit existing housing or instrumentation, or if needed to design an product from ground up.

Prototyping Services

In order to achieve a quick turn around during prototype development we offer inhouse services for the SMD assembly of PCBs, 3D printing, CNC machining and mechanical assembly. For chip level work we offer manual wire-bonding. This integration allows us to go quickly from concept to fully working prototype or small series.

Firmware Development

Most electronic designs will embed micro controllers and require firmware development. Our extensive code repostory is built around ARM Cortex M0 to M7, however we also support many more platforms (e.g. ESP32, AVR and Linux).

For smart devices we also offer advanced algorithms for sensing and control.

Please contact JLM Innovation with your specific requirements.